Ballet Collaboration!


We are proud to announce a collaboration with The Houston Metropolitan Dance Company and Hope Stone Dance Company. TAMDF has been commissioned to compose a new ballet to be performed live November 9th & 10th in Houston Texas at The Wortham’s Cullen Theater.

Marc is diligently working at creating his first full-length ballet. “I’ve always wanted to compose for dance. Back in college I took ballet classes to prepare myself for the task. I’ve learned two things from the experience. One, I have horrible balance. Two, my passion for ballet has become stronger than ever.”


squared dancer will be performed on stage with 25 dancers as a collaboration between the two Houston based studios. Choreography will be done by Jane Weiner, artistic director of Hope Stone Dance Company. The contrast of Marc dancing with his violin on stage alongside Jane’s choreography will create quite the visual experience.

This ballet will take the audience on a journey where a do-si-do and an allemande-left face the fear of moving outside the box.

“In 1942 Copeland composed his famous American ballet for the 20th century. I hope to do the same but for the 21st century, integrating what America has become in the last 70 years.


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