Dear Friends

Hello. My name is Marc Hennessey and I am the creator of To All My Dear Friends.

It started out as a project to express my emotions through a violin and in doing so turned into a whirlwind of dreams becoming reality. It felt like I had somehow found a way to connect people with their true selves, others and the world around them. All this through emotions. I’ve always been a firm believer in the deep rooted emotions that are hidden away from our daily lives. Using a violin as my tool, I’ve been able to tap into what some would call the heart or intuition.

I needed to find a way to get the music out into the world. I couldn’t keep it to myself. But in a world of saturation and disconnect, how could I find a way? Thousands of others scramble every single day in an attempt to rise up to financial success with their artistic merit. Where did I fit in? Where do I fit in? It’s never been about money for me but unfortunately in this day and age funds are required to record albums, go on tour, and keep the various musical tools in working order.

Thus began the DIY ethos. Do it yourself refers to a concept of self sufficiency. Follow steps 1 – 20 without the aid of a paid specialist. Of course first you must create steps 1 – 20 and then you can follow through with them. It’s a very hard and lonely course. But you do it anyway. Perhaps you don’t have the means to pay an expert or perhaps you have no other alternatives. In my case it was both.

Harnessing the music has always been easy for me. Performing is something I love doing. Creating the proper environments through visuals and soundscapes is also fun. The hard part is booking shows, contacting press, doing graphic design, maintaining presence on the internet, and all the other aspects involved with touring. I know that I can only do this for so much longer on my own. I took a break from heavily touring in 2012 to give myself a rest from these tasks. But to obtain the goals I have in mind, eventually I will need help. To create performances that will greatly impact the lives of many, I will need help.

A new album is in the works though! It’s being recorded over these next two months, though it’s likely to not be released right away due to financial reasons. It’s a very expensive undertaking to reach the quality that I desire and the listener deserves. I won’t be doing a fundraiser this time but may offer pre-sales online to help raise the necessary funds.

The new album will be something great and I will tour in some fashion after it’s release. Thank you for all your support. Past, present and future.


Your Friend,