my violin bow can't handle the touring lifestyle

my violin bow can’t handle the touring lifestyle.

well that’s not entirely true. i made the mistake of going to a random bow luthier and they didn’t do the best rehair. within a week of the rehair my bow was ruined.



so now i’ve been in a downward spiral of buying cheap $40 bows while looking out for a decent luthier to rehair my preferred bow.


it’s funny that a rehair ranges in price from $50-$70 when you can just buy a cheap new bow for $40. now that’s just silly. besides the fact that buying a new bow is wasteful, it will never perform up to the same par as a nice rehair on a more expensive bow.



ok so i’m allergic to cats. but why do they have to be so cute? this one lives in midland, michigan.. in case you were planning on visiting.



and this one is constantly winking, because she lacks a right eyeball. horrificly adorable?


so did you know chicago has beaches? i guess that makes sense, being that they’re next to all that water.



but being from florida, i find it funny that their beaches have ducks and pebbles instead of seagulls and shells. silly fresh water coasts…



hanging out in midland with the cat mentioned above, i had the best worst jam session with e and also mitchell from swansd of zapan.



and i think i found my new exercise routine while on the road. it’s from an exercise tape at the very same house as the best worst jam session.


i’ll be tightening my buttocks while honing my bank robbing skills.


this crazy tree trunk is in grand rapids michigan. what if you were to cut a tree down and this is what you saw? would your mind be blown?



holy smokes! guess who i ran into while in chicago? none of then krissy abdullah, the director of a silent collapse. she was passing through with a cool suitcase puppet show, on her way to some awesome film editing school in colorado. we busked at lincoln park, her doing shadow puppet magic and me accompanying on violin.