oh florida – part one

i’m spending a lot of time in florida while on tour. meeting interesting people. running into old friends. playing shows.


in tampa i had the pleasure of performing with the amazing band “i and i”. more amazing than their performance is the group of 14 people (including the 4 members of i and i) that have built such camaraderie in their friendship. i felt honored having dinner with them.


i stayed the night in tampa at my aunt & uncle’s house. my aunt likes to collect things from around the yard. for example…


before heading to the st. pete show, i was able to partake in my grandmothers 91st birthday! someone thought it would be funny to switch the numbers around on her cake. but of course she was the first to notice this 🙂 and no it wasn’t me.


also i got to do some tune ups on my new pedal boards. it was my first woodworking project so i knew there’d be a few kinks to work out. luckily my uncle’s shop has every imaginable tool within arms reach.


found this little gem at a gas station along i95


omar the mystic told me my future for only a quarter. looks like i have nothing to worry about on this tour. who needs luck when you have love and success?


i arrived in cocoa this afternoon, with a couple days off to catch up on some work. i’m staying at my cousin’s house. right now the family is out taking their weekly tae kwon do class. adorably awesome!