procrastinate. procrastinating. procrastinator.

procrastinate. procrastinating. procrastinator.

it is 9pm on a sunday and i’m looking for excuses. excuses to preoccupy my time. sure i need to book a national tour. but i also need to eat. maybe i’ll make some dinner. yeah, that’s a great idea.

ok so now my belly is full and sure, i need to book a tour. but… i also need to take a shower. it’s cold out and i could really use a shower anyway. yeah, hygiene is important. and the water would be so very warm.

ok so now it’s 20 minutes later (i also trimmed my nails) and i need to book a tour. but look at this website. it’s been so long since my last journal entry. i should update it with a new post. i’ve been so busy lately doing anything but booking shows that i haven’t had the time to update this journal.

jeez. the procrastinator, who likes to procrastinate, is procrastinating.