it was great spending my birthday hanging out with friends in atlanta. ryan & jenna treated me to delicious home cooked vegan thai food. yum!


one of their bathrooms is a dedicated home (and now jungle gym) to this beautiful reptile.


they fill the bathroom sink like a pool. curious, i asked them what she could do with such a small bath. she likes to poop in it. i guess i shouldn’t judge until i’ve tried in myself.

in athens i got dueling violins going, or more like “dueting” violins. adam poulin and i jammed away into the wee hours of the night. he too plays from the heart, emotions connected to his fingertips. i’ve never had that much fun jamming out with another violinist!


nearby in alabama i played at an interesting art gallery. frank hardy, the owner & artist of this gallery pub, displays his personal artwork all over the walls. this picture should sum up his style in a nutshell.


of course not all shows turn out as great (or interesting) as alabama. playing to an empty room happens on occasion. but i can now say i shared the same stage with all these great artists. i doubt they’ll be rushing to paint “to all my dear friends” on the wall. but i gotta start somewhere 🙂



traveling alone has been a very interesting experience for me. it’s challenging spending so much time alone. but hopefully i am starting to get used to it.

now that i’m not constantly around family and friends, i have a lot more free time on my hands. this is good because i’m not just booking and playing shows. i actually have time to explore a bit and start reading the many books i brought with me.

in new orleans i had the opportunity to play at an amazing coffee house called fair grinds. robert, the owner, is an amazing person. i wish him and his coffee house a great future. i spent the night in new orleans at a rapper’s house who works on tugboats by day. how amazing is that? he sampled some of my violin for one of his tracks.


in birmingham i played at mecca fest iii. it’s a benefit show to help out the daniel day dream mecca art gallery. hearing the band voices in the trees was a fantastic experience. they are all very talented and energetic musicians.


but it’s their viola player that tops the cake. she’s probably the only other string player i’ve seen that moves around as much as me. she claims it was to keep warm but i know that’s not true “;-)


i’m in montgomery alabama right now enjoying a cup of coffee while working on booking more shows. do-it-myself touring like this is very challenging but it’s worth it when i get to play music for so many great people. i know that i’ve touched a few hearts with my violin and that makes all the difference.