Went street performing for the first time in Asheville this year and received the most amazing gift to start the season!


this was created by my friend scavenger who travels the country by train selling his wire art. he picked the mica out of a spring in california. neat!



we had a happening last night on the streets of asheville north carolina. doesn’t happen very often (pun intended) but when it does.. whew it’s magical. here’s a snapshot i grabbed in between playing violin tunes.

artist painting in asheville

yeah he was painting while i played music! and there were dancers, balloon twisters (do you see the miniature jerry garcia balloon in the top right corner?), plus face painting! it was magical.



Wow! It’s so amazing when visual artists feel inspired to create while listening to TAMDF live. We though it’d be fun to show off some of the artwork that has been gifted to Marc after performances. Whether on the street, at a concert hall, or in someone’s home (house shows woot woot).. these spontaneous creations never cease to amaze us with how well they capture musical moments in time.


We start with a simple sketch. Simple yet complex, this piece was created and gifted to Marc at a house show in Rochester New York back in July 2011. It was a phenomenal night with TAMDF playing alongside Jeffrey Lewis, Seth Faergolzia, and John Ludington! This art piece definitely was the icing on the cake! Unfortunately the artist never told Marc her name. Very mysterious and beautiful!


Next up is a moment in time. It’s an amazing capture but we’re not sure who the photographer is. This was at a house show in Asheville North Carolina.


Here now is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING piece that was “photographed” by the very talented Henry J. Sullivan. Henry was passing through Asheville and happened to catch Marc performing on the street last week. What a beautiful piece of art! Marc has this framed and it is on display in his studio.

Ok so it may be weird to hang up artwork of yourself but because this is such a beautiful piece, that should make it ok and not weird!


This piece was created at a show back in July 2010. The artist is Evan Galbicka of The Church of Holy Colors. It was done on a 6″ x 6″ block of wood and was gifted to Marc after the show. It’s so neat to see visual interpretations of music!


Next is a sketch that was done just last Sunday. That’s right, less than a week ago! The artist, whose name is unknown (unless you can decipher the signature), caught Marc performing in downtown Asheville in front of an art gallery. This is better than any tip put in Marc’s tip jar!


And finally we thought it’d be fun to add this beautiful piece into the mix. Although it wasn’t done at a live show, we’re pretty sure Alma Elaine Shoaf was listening to TAMDF at least some of the time while she created this piece. Haha. This poster art was commissioned by Marc and is available for purchase at live shows.

To all you visual artists out there… if you’re ever at a TAMDF show and feel the desire to do what you do best, please don’t hesitate to break out the pen and paper or the camera or even the paint brush! We’d love to see your creations! And to all the artists that have created while listening to TAMDF, whether live or with a recording: Thank you for creating something beautiful and intertwining TAMDF’s music into the process. It really does mean the world to Marc!

check out this amazing artwork created on the streets of asheville north carolina by the very talented henry j. sullivan!

henry j sullivan artwork


check out the details!

hery j sullivan artwork detailed


wow this is beautiful! i love that artists share their art with me when i share music with them on the streets.



Well how about that? To All My Dear Friends is in an art gallery! And for all of April, you can check out the installation at The Alexander Breast Museum & Gallery in Jacksonville, Florida.


Andrew Keller, graphic designer, created a design thesis based around rebranding TAMDF. He did a wonderful job at creating all sorts of fun merchandise items.


At the artist reception there were buttons, business cards, and bumper stickers galore! The photo session was done by Laurel Housden Photography. Andrew Keller, who works under the pseudonym Keller Productions, made some neat concepts based off Laurel’s photography. The reception was well attended with a warm response.

And the best part about this all? Being featured in an art gallery of course! Although it’s pretty silly strolling into a gallery only to see giant posters of your face on the walls.


To All My Dear Friends released their first self-titled album on August 15th 2009.


The artwork for the cover was created with photography taken by Marc Hennessey.


The back cover of the self-titled album is an enlarged frame from the front.



The second album Transparent Voyages was released on March 18th 2011.


The artwork for Transparent Voyages was designed by artist David McKirdy.

The stunning cover art was created through a process involving paint, rust and magnets.


The back cover of Transparent Voyages is similar to the front.


But looking closely you can see that this image is much different from the front cover.


What’s in store for To All My Dear Friends’ next album artwork?
We will just have to wait and see.

Well folks, here it is. Transparent Voyages, the new album due out in February. Artwork by the amazingly talented abstract artist, David McKirdy. Based out of Tampa Florida, David has been refining & selling his art for over 20 years. No computer is involved in the making of his artwork.