Exciting news! To All My Dear Friends will be working again with the Hope Stone Dance Company on performances of the Squared Dancer ballet, composed by Marc back in 2012. Performances will be held over the course of a week at the end of February in Houston Texas.


Multiple performances will be staged for 400 kids at a time to help bring art into children’s lives. Marc states “I remember my first symphony experience as a kid. They played circus music and it changed my life forever.” Hopefully these performances, brought into the school system through the efforts of Hope Stone Inc and the City of Houston, will change the perspectives of a few kids. Art has all but disappeared from the schools. We will do our best to spark children’s curiosity while providing plenty of entertainment.


Of the upcoming performances Marc says “The ballet had to be revised for children viewing. Not that there’s any lewd scenery or anything like that, ha ha, but because we wanted to pack as much into as little time as possible. Jane [Weiner] and I spent a lot of time working out abridged versions of each movement, to get the ballet below 20 minutes runtime. We both want to make sure the children’s interest stays peaked the whole time. Let’s blow their little minds with art.”


Totaling 7 performances, there will also be an abridged performance of Squared Dancer for Hope Stone’s Annual Gala on Thursday February 27th.