sewanee tennessee is the place to be. i had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days here at the home of the university of the south. one of it’s many claims to fame is “the most beautiful campus in the country”. i was skeptical at first but then i started exploring the campus grounds and it’s surrounding trails.


walking along this beautiful trail, i didn’t expect it to open up but suddenly i came across a clearing.


which led to this spectacular view


so yes this is only the beginning of the most beautiful campus in the country. the town of sewanee is integrated with the university. boasting a population of 3000 people, 1400 of those attend the small university.


i’ve always been a fan of cemeteries. these elaborate tombstones have been around for ages.


i wonder what it takes to be buried in this beautiful area. perhaps it’s full of past university professors?


who needs hollow chocolate rabbits? i spent my easter with these adorable bunnies.


finally i found a hiking buddy. callie took me to explore one of the more hidden trails leading up to buggy top cave.


hiking for about an hour, we came across this beautiful cave with an intense rush of water coming out of it’s mouth.


the erosion had created a beautiful opening to the cave (that’s callie’s shadow in the middle).


and on another trail i found miniature waterfalls. how adorable.


plus these amazing little plants all along the edge of the trail. each one is no bigger than your pinkie nail.


i spent three days hopping couches at the eco house, a university residence with composting, gardens, chickens & rabbits 🙂


i played two shows while in sewanee (yay for encore performances) complete with snacks and tea. thank you to my good friend pam for putting together such a wonderful experience!


and always in search of free wifi, i came across this adorable kitten at the local coffee shop. so used to the human diet, he happily ate pieces of my bagel and pam’s chocolate muffin.


i had a wonderful time hanging out in sewanee! getting some much needed rest was great too. thank you to all the residents of the eco house. it was wonderful hanging out with each of you.