9 million people crammed into a tiny little slither of land. new york city. there’s nothing quite like it. but where else can you “arrive by bicycle” and receive a 15% discount?



i had a blast wondering around the city. best part was the food of course. the apartment show i played in upper manhattan turned out to be a freegan potluck. yum!


i ate authentic chinese cuisine at an authentic chinese restaurant in chinatown.



want to know how to tell it’s authentic? the tsingtao beer in the top right corner.


actually, tsintao’s history is kinda funny. it’s china’s largest brewery but it was founded by german settlers.


i checked out the progress on the new world trade centers while in town.


figured i would need an equally patriotic pose for such a patriotic endeavor.


best veggie dogs ever? crif dogs in the lower east side.



and after two days of aimlessly wondering the city, i took a much needed nap on some marble steps near the bay.