today someone very close to me preordered 12 copies of my new album. i asked them what they really would do with 12 copies of the album as they handed me a crisp $100 bill. “i’ll give them out to my friends.”

he knew that i was having trouble raising the money needed to print my album. that’s probably the real reason why he preordered so many. he may of not realized the full effect of his actions though. sure the $100 will bring me that much closer towards the printing. but the money has nothing to do with it. i can raise the funds.

what his effort did was instill an unwavering confidence in me. if for any reason i falter in my path, it’s not just me i’m letting down anymore. it’s hard to put into words. i’m not even sure i understand it myself. but it’s there. and it will help me during some of the hardest times.

this was the first preorder for my upcoming album.