The search is over! To All My Dear Friends has found a new drummer!

It was a long road with many dead ends. But in the end, aka the beginning, we found a very talented person. Introducing, for your future live enjoyment, Dup Crosson.


Rather than give you Marc’s opinion on him, let’s quote Dup directly when asked for some back history for this exciting news update:

“I started playing drums at 11. Lived in Asheville since ’03 on and off (I’m a vet!) and Saint Solitude’s been around since I got restless in 2006. Touring and recording has taken over my life since I graduated from college, both as a means of travel and a method to satiate my curiosity- let alone the music, which I have to make to stay sane.

I don’t have a smart phone. And I haven’t been in a Wal-Mart in 7 years.”

Sounds like he will fit in just fine here, don’t you think? Come show Dup your support at his first TAMDF performance on Tuesday January 31st in Asheville, North Carolina at BoBo Gallery. There will be many more shows posted in the near future on the Tour Page. That’s right! Touring is starting back up in the Eastern United States. Woo hoo!


To All My Dear Friends is moving! It’s been a great many years based out of Gainesville, Florida but the time has come to move on. Gainesville is an amazing place to start a band. In case you haven’t noticed though, it’s surrounded by water.


So the move is on for a more central location in the Eastern United States. Asheville, North Carolina is now the new home for TAMDF. Yay! And Gainesville, don’t you worry. The main reason for the move is to increase touring capabilities. For all you music lovers, there will be lots of shows happening in the near future. So no worries about TAMDF being away for very long.

With this move, Marc will be looking for a new drummer. Do you think you have what it takes? Or perhaps you know someone who does? All around the website you will see this graphic.