i would like to introduce to you the third newest member of the band?


meet thumb piano. isn’t he cute?


i’m thinking about adding him to my live setup. just gotta work out some of the technical details. i picked him up last year at a world music shop in new york city while on tour. keep an eye out for him next time you see tamdf on stage.



new jersey really isn’t all that bad. i just don’t get the bad rep. for starters, they’ve got a great view of manhattan.



plus you have to drive underwater to get to jersey by car. awesome!


(i know, i know. i shouldn’t be taking pictures while driving through tunnels underwater)


and the people are great! i spent most of my time hanging out with marc & noah from local ska band the penniless loafers.



(just so you know, i’m very proud of that panoramic shot of manhattan. would you believe i took it with my cell phone? technology is crazy)