90’s posters (aka blast from the past) aka blow my mind why don’t you. this is absolutely amazing. remember how i talked about all the fun i had in portland maine? well i stayed at zach hansen’s place while there. he’s in the amazing post-punk band mouth washington. definitely check them out if you’re into post-punk music.

all over zach’s apartment are posters from various 90’s pop culture endeavors. and they all seem to be original prints.


for example, he’s got a poster from the 1992 animation aladdin. remember robin williams and jafar? wow. i grew up on this stuff as a kid. even had this movie on vhs until my dog urinated all over it (random unnecessary fact about my childhood)



sesame street i was never a huge fan of. but this poster is amazing. muppet musicians? sweet!



and who can forget the classic 1990 film home alone? they just don’t make movies quite like this anymore. probably for the better though.



“kid a” marked the end of a decade and a century but it’s still an amazing poster to go along with the others. i had to take this picture at an angle because the poster is made of reflective foil.

keep in mind these are just a few of the many posters in zach’s apartment. it’s a great collection worthy of any museum 🙂



and of course, to top it off, zach’s roommate had a working NES in near mint condition. wow!