and now for your amusement, a comparison of graves.

our first stop is to paul revere’s headstone. paul supplied copper used to mint the first american pennies, hence all the pennies by his grave.


i find it funny that there’s quite a few nickels, dimes and quarters mixed in the bunch. it’s not a water fountain people! it’s paul revere’s grave! haha.


my friend shanon pointed out that john hancock’s headstone kinda looks like a… well, ahem..


let’s just say that john might of had a bit of a complex going on. he did have a rather large signature on the declaration of independence too. perhaps we can compare this to the modern day sports car purchase?



ok i’m being silly. let’s check out henry david thoreau in contrast. his grave is just under a foot tall.



instead of placing flowers on his bed, people have placed writing utensils and excerpts.




some of these headstones have awesome designs. like the classic skull with cross bones.



or even better, the skull with wings and crossbones floating over the skulls head.


creepy. and awesome.


but ralph waldo emerson tops the cake. his tombstone is not only pronounced but very beautiful too. i dare you to walk by emerson’s grave without stopping in your tracks, without feeling his presence. no wait, i double dare you. it’s just not possible. look at this thing.