soooooo much delicious vegan food. i’ve been to so many amazing vegan restaurants while on the road. here’s just a sampling of the tasty sustenance i’ve experienced.

i hung out with my friend krissy at the chicago diner in boystown. we used some of the money we made from shadow puppet busking to buy breakfast.



i had french toast with tofu scramble and a side of sausage. even the slice of orange was vegan “;-)



in ann arbor michigan i had the best vegan cheesecake i’ve tasted in my entire life. it was so simple and delicious.



and it’s always nice as a vegan to have something greasy. here i had “chicken” noodle soup, cole slaw, and some sort of barbecue sandwich complete with mystery meat… haha. i think those cubes of bread were suppose to be homemade croutons.



i love it when i get access to a kitchen for cooking. and i think my friends in milwaukee loved it too. i made pizza and soup while there.



and the best vegan treat while on the road? banana car!



seriously i drove by this on the interstate while heading north to wisconsin. wowzer!