the mysterious whoopie pies of maine

the mysterious whoopie pies of maine. it’s a delicacy you can only truly experience by making the long trek up to maine.

delicious. strange. and sometimes even vegan.



so maine is full of a bunch of lumberjacks right? well, that’s actually not true. at least not in portland, maine. the city is a rich artistic bubble, unknown to most of the united states.

maine is absolutely beautiful. when i arrived, not sure what to do with myself, i headed to the coast to read a book and enjoy the ocean breeze.



i met some pretty cool people after the show that night. we hung out most of the next day. what do you do in portland maine for fun? pinball!



and of course you eat delicious local organic vegan wonders. (that’s rhubarb compote on top of these pancakes) yum!



by the end of the day, relaxing on the dock with my new friends zach and chelsea, i wasn’t quite ready to leave.



but i had a show later that night in boston and so had to go.