usa usa usa usa usa. not.

usa usa usa usa usa. not. so i found the hotspot for watching fireworks. dunkirk new york. seriously though. it’s along the coast of lake erie and at least 1000 people showed up for the show.

as soon as the first explosion went off, people started shouting “usa usa usa usa…” and i couldn’t help but laugh. they’re proud to be american and they’re proud to blow stuff up.

but i know too many proud americans that spend their days smoking pot or popping pills and playing video games while living on a government loan. america had so much potential back in 1776 when independence was declared. perhaps we’re just in a rut?

why should i complain though? there are very few places in the world where i could safely travel around playing music full-time. it only takes a little bit of hard work. we can stop idly bathing in our independence with just a little bit of hard work. get something done. make a difference in the world. make a difference in our country. create something beautiful. something meaningful.

none the less, the fireworks were pretty.